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Plastic worms can bring big bass

During this hot and humid weather many bass anglers have turned to night fishing. This is one way to beat the heat, but it can still be muggy.

Just like all other forms of fishing, night fishing has lures and baits that work best. I have done a whole lot of night fishing in my time and have been blessed enough to catch some very nice bass. Most were caught on plastic worms.

The plastic worm is absolutely made for night fishing for bass. If you are fishing a worm close to a feeding bass at night, most of the time the bass will hit it. The great thing about worm fishing at night is that a bass that is active or not will strike a worm a lot of the times.

A worm can be used as a finesse bait to draw strikes from negative feeding bass. Active nighttime bass will hold along the bank and around most types of cover. They will position where they can dart out when some type of food comes by.

Bass are an ambush-style game fish. Get a worm close to the cover where a bass is holding at night and most time you will get a strike. But sometimes bass are not feeding for reasons such as fishing pressure, rising or falling water, a cold front, low oxygen level in the water, water color and several other situations.

When these things I just mentioned happen the bass will move to deeper areas or bury up in heavy cover and become very inactive. This is what some anglers refer to as the bass having lockjaw. And this is where bait like a worm really comes in, because a worm fished slow and through heavy cover is one of the best ways to go.

At night, use the darker colors for best results. This is the time of year a plastic worm fished at night can pay off big.

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