Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Cooler temps heat up fishing action

When water temperatures cool this time of year, bass and crappie will move more shallow and closer to the bank. The fish will become more active and should feed more.

This seems like an early fall pattern but is just a milder summer pattern. Most of the lakes have cooled down several degrees, and I have received pretty good fishing reports on a lot of lakes.

Night fishing is still good and will be for a while. Baits that cover a lot of water and search out fish are best, such as crank baits and spinner baits. Active bass will chase these baits and several bass can be caught in a small area. But if bass are holding close to cover, a worm or jig that can be worked in close to or into cover will catch bass .

Th e weather should warm up soon and things will get back to where they should be. You should see bass busting the surface and feeding on shad schools. Get out and enjoy this nice weather.

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