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Gabby’s fishing fever

Baits that make noise work well now

Many things control movement of fish during the year.

The color and clarity of water determines where a fish will hold and how deep it will stay. This will change some in cooler and warmer water. This type of movement is most noticed in lakes that are normally very clear. When rains bring the water level closer to the bank, off-colored or stained fish such as bass and crappie will move shallow and become more active.

Fish that are holding in stained water feed by sound and vibration given off by moving bait. To catch these fish, use lures that will give off some type of sound or vibration into the water. This will greatly help a bass to locate and strike the bait.

Try baits such as crank baits with built in rattles or a large bladed spinner bait that gives off a lot of thump into the water. You can also fish with top-water baits that spit, chug or throw water when retrieved. Buzz baits will also draw vicious strikes from feeding bass.

Plastic worms and jigs fished with a twitching motion can do well. These are just a few tips for the next time you fish in stained water.

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