Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Weather has cooled, but not water

The weather cooled a little Sunday, but the water temperature is still around the 84 to 82 degree range on most area lakes.

During times when the surface temperature of a lake is very warm the lake will vary in temperatures in layers of water as you go deeper down, changing only a few degrees gradually. Most of the fish will stay at or below the thermocline — the point where the warm and cool water meet — until the surface cools some in early fall. Fish will then move shallow and become more active and the good fall fishing starts.

Right now, night fishing is good and will be for a while. Also try fishing early and in low light conditions such as overcast days. Use baits for bass that will run a little deeper, such as crank baits and spinner baits, and work them close to cover and deeper banks and around points. Also, use slower baits such as worms and jigs for bass holding tight to or close to deeper cover.

In open water areas fish rigs like a Carolina rig or slow roll a crank or spinner bait for scattered fish. Just have fun and remember that good fall fishing is very close.

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