Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Time is finally right for wade fishing

After raining for what seemed like weeks, the weather has at last given us a little break.

All the rivers and streams were so muddy and high and swift, it made fishing them all but impossible. But we have had some dry weather the last few days and the creeks and rivers are back to normal levels and are mostly clear again. This will make fishing much better.

This is a good time of year to do some stream and river fishing. The weather has cooled down some and the leaves are starting to change colors and it is just a peaceful time to get outdoors. Also the fish are more active in the milder weather than in the hot weather in most rivers and streams.

Before we had all this rain I was getting some good reports from wade fisherman in the rivers about some good fishing. So as everything gets back to normal we should pick back up on some real good fishing action.

Fish caught in a river or stream are usually more active than fish caught in a lake. River fish are used to fighting the moving current all the time and will use the current to find food.

Fish like bass, which in a river in this area can be largemouth, smallmouth or Kentucky bass, will hold in areas out of the main current and will face into the moving current and wait for food to come by. Catfish will typically lie in one end or the other of a large pool and look for food around the bottom. Most redeyes will hold around rocky banks or big rocks in the river and wait for food, and trout like the current and will hold right in the ripples and look for food.

If you have not gotten to get out and do any river or wade fishing, now would be a good time.

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