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Plastic worms work well right now

One of the top baits to use for catching bass this time of year is the plastic worm.

The worm bait has been around for a long time and for good reason; it is one of the best bass catching baits you can use.

Bass love to check out any type of bug or worm falling into the water, and when I make a cast using a plastic worm I try to wait just a second and see if I get a strike before I start my retrieve.

After you make your cast, retrieve your bait on a tight line and feel for any type of tug or pull on your line. Also, you can feel the bottom to get a idea of what type of cover you are fishing. A worm is a bait you can fish just about anywhere in a lake. You can make a series of fan casts in open water to cover a lot of area. Or, you can fish worms close to the bank and work any cover tightly.

During this time of year bass will typically feed close to the bank and near shallow water. They will follow shad schools and look for anything on the surface to feed on.

During a cold front condition like we just had, the bass feeding action will slow way down and the bass will move close to or bury up in heavy cover. This is when slow moving bait like a worm can really be the way to go. You can fish worms deeper and slower to catch sluggish bass.

Worms are one of the most versatile baits you can use and learning to fish one will help you catch more and bigger bass.

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