Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Lower lake level mean better fishing

Most of our lakes have been dropped close to or at winter pool. This is a good time to do some fishing.

Most fish will move to main lake areas during the water pull down period. They can be found on main lake points, bluffs and cliff lines and deeper banks. If cover is close by that makes the area even better.

Bass and crappie will move in and out and around areas like this following baitfish schools. Baits that look and act like an injured or dying baitfish will work well. Crank baits or spinner baits work really well.

When worked correctly, both crank baits and spinner baits look like a live injured baitfish and will draw a strike from a feeding fish. This is a natural feeding action of a, active fish and can result in several strikes in a small area.

Top water baits are good when bass are breaking the surface to feed on shad that are close to the surface. When you see this type of feeding action, fish with some type of top water bait such as a buzz bait or even a bait like a popper or chugger or any bait you can fish with a side to side action, better known as a walking the dog retrieve.

Anything that causes a disturbance on the surface will get a feeding bass to check it out. All of the baits I have mentioned this week are good to fish this time of year so get out and give them a try.

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