Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

The winter draw down of the area’s lakes presents anglers with new opportunities.

With the lakes at winter pool, anglers can fish new shore lines and cover that can only seen at this time of year. Even more important, the cover and structure you can see now will be the cover that you will be trying to find when the lakes are full at summer pool.

How many times have you been on the lake in warm weather trying to remember what an area looked like when the water was down and all the stumps and brush piles were visible only to look out over the full lake and thinking it all looks the same? If you had scouted the lake at winter pool you would be way ahead of most anglers.

There are several good ways of recording the layout of a lake and cover at this time of year. The simplest and most productive way is to simply take pictures of areas where you would like to fish when the water is up. Take pictures of the cover and how the creek channel runs, especially if the channel runs close to the bank. This is always a prime area to fish.

Look also for flats that drop off into deeper water and any type of cover such as stumps, brush piles, rocks, and old culverts or road beds. Take several pictures and be sure to write on the pictures where they were taken.

You can also use a video recorder to film these same areas and record yourself talking about where you are and what cover you see. You can replay it and study it all you want later.

While examining areas exposed by lower levels, also try to find something on the bank like a tree or rock to use as a reference point to line up the cover. This helps a lot.

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