Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Having fun with carp fishing

This was a long weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday and gave most people some time to do things like fishing. This is what I got to do while we were visiting with family in Georgia.

There is a lake there that I have fished several times over the years and have always done well there. Most of the time I fish for largemouth bass or crappie or bluegill or catfish in this lake, but this morning when I went down to the lake I saw something I had not seen on this small lake.

There were carp everywhere, just swimming around and very close to the surface. We tried to bass fish some and did not get any strikes so we decided to fish for the carp.

There were fish from three pounds up to ones over 20 pounds there were some very large carps swimming around. I tried to make up some dough balls. We fished with them for a while, but the carp did not seen interested in them.

We got looking at what else we had to use and found some ham meat. We put some of this on a hook and tossed it out and it was not long till we saw the bobber start to move. Soon the floater went under and I set the hook on a nice size carp in the four- to fivepound range.

Then the action slowed some until the sun came back. They started moving around and feeding again. I put on some more bait and cast out. After about 10 minutes, my floater took off again with a much bigger fish.

As I started reeling it in, the carp gave a real good fight. When I saw the fish I knew it was a good size fish. it weighed around eight pounds and was about 20 inches long.

This made my trip down south much more fun.

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