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Catch bass now with tube baits

There are several baits that will work well for late fall bass. But the one bait that a lot of fall bass anglers like to use is the tube bait.

This is one of the most versatile and productive baits you can use in just about any fishing situation. You can fish this bait in any water temperature or condition, in high or low water situations. And it is one of only a few baits you can fish all the year long for bass. The tube bait can be fished and rigged several different ways and can be fished deep or shallow.

As you can tell, I consider this a year round bass bait and one of the bass-catching baits you can use. I have caught way too many bass on a tube bait over the years in all types of weather and water conditions to not make me a firm believer in this bait.

The tube bait comes in several different sizes and color combinations. The most common size is the four-inch and most common colors are white, black silver and chartreuse, but you can get any color you like.

I have found for myself it is better to stick to the basic colors and spend more of your time on the water looking for a good spot and presenting the bait right for whatever the situation you are faced with That will give you more and better results than just changing baits all the time.

Once you locate a spot you like, start by making casts to the bank area or close to cover. These areas will often hold feeding bass. Feel for any pulls or strikes to the bait as you start your retrieve. Some bites will be very light.

If you have never tried bass fishing with tube baits, you are missing out on a great way to catch bass.

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