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Mostly clear

Gabby’s fishing fever

The calendar says it’s wintertime

Well, the calendar now says it is wintertime.

Even though we are having mild weather, the fish will still relate to basic early winter patterns. But for some fish, this does not change things much and for some it brings much change.

Fish like crappie will not be as affected as most fish because crappie like the cool water just fine and are very much at home in it and will go about their normal feeding and movements. Crappie will not really change depth of water in cooler months as much as they will find new locations.

In the cooler weather the schools of minnows and bait fish will move to main lake areas with deeper water close by like points, cliff lines and bluffs and around the mouths of feeder creeks and rivers that run into the lake. Fish like crappie will follow these schools and will feed on the weak and dying ones.

Fish like largemouth bass will also feed off these bait fish.

Other fish like smallmouth bass love wintertime and are very active and will feed on minnows and small fish.

Lakes like Dale Hollow come alive in the winter. I always love to take a trip there.

I thank all of you for reading my articles. Have a merry Christmas.

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