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Curly tail grub is very underrated

One of the best fish-catching baits there is is the curly tail grub, and this is also one of the leastused baits.

A lot of anglers have grubs in their tackle boxes but do not fish them much. The grub is not a big, flashy bait like a crank bait or spinner or buzz bait. It is a very simple basic bait that will do one thing very well and that is catch fish when some baits won’t.

There is not a fish swimming that cannot be caught on a grub style bait. The grub is a year-round fish catcher and can be fished in most all situations.

The grub comes in a few basic sizes like for bass fishing there are 2- and 3-inch grubs and some larger. For crappie, there are sizes like 1/4 and 3/8 ounces.

Even larger fish like musky, walleye and strippers can be caught on grubs. I have some big grubs around 7 inches long for these type fish.

The grub can be fished as a standalone bait or as a trailer on other baits. I love to fish this bait and have for many years. This type of bait is custom made for the style of bass fishing I like to do.

This bait, when fished right by someone who really knows how to fish, can be a deadly combination on bass. If you know someone who really fishes this bait, you probably know someone who catches a lot of bass.

These baits come in several colors. The most common way to rig this bait is on a jig head. You can use a wide range of line size with a bait line. Just match it to the cover you are fishing.

This bait can be fished tight to cover or out in the open.

All this makes this one of the most versatile baits you can fish and one you really need to learn how to fish.

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