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Gabby’s fishing fever

Collecting old rods, reels and lures

Many people, including myself, collect older vintage fishing rods, reels, lures and other fishingrelated items.

I have collected a lot of this old fishing stuff over many years. Everything from rods and reels to lures of different types to stuff like old tackle boxes and minnow buckets. I love any of these old items and remember using a lot of the stuff when I was younger.

I have a lot of old rod and reels that were way before my time. I like to use some of this old stuff because it is just plain fun and cool to a fisherman. Some of this older stuff will amaze you at how well it still works. This stuff was built to last.

I know most of you can remember the original Zebco 33 and 202 reels and the old Mitchell 300 reels. These were the ones almost everybody used back in the day. These reels helped countless little anglers catch their first fish.

Some of the first fishing rods were the old wooden bamboo jigging rods and the fiberglass rods. The fiberglass rods were the most common ones for years. Now most are made on lighter, more sensitive graphite.

I have an old rod and reel called a Zebco One. It is a fiberglass rod with a wooden handle. The reel looks like a 33, but to cast it you turn a ball on the reel to let line out.

Old lures are very collectable and some bring big money. Most of the old baits were handmade and had painted-on eyes. These are the most valuable. This is just another part of the hobby to enjoy.

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