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Gabby’s fishing fever

Getting your tackle box in order

During this cold weather there is not much you can do outside as far as fishing. But decent weather is a few weeks away, so one thing you can do indoors is to go through your fishing tackle and organize it and put all of it in some type of order.

Now while this might seem like a boring job to some anglers, after you get done you will be able to quickly find a certain lure or tackle when you get to go fishing later. There are times when you are bass fishing that you will want to grab a certain lure and get back to fishing and being able to go straight to that bait and tie it on and get back to casting could mean the differ- ence between a great day fishing or not.

How often have you had to dig through a ton a tackle trying to find a lure and lose a lot of time and get aggravated? Having your stuff in some type of order it makes fishing more enjoyable.

I used to use the old style hard-sided tackle boxes where you put most everything together. But several years ago I started using the trays with the divided compartments. These are far better and easy to use. You can put different baits and lures in their own compartments and you can see through the lid to see what you have.

This is just a much better system and makes your fishing trip much more enjoyable.

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