Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Thinking about smallmouth bass

The weather has been very bad lately and has made it hard to get out and do anything including fishing.

The most sought after fish this time of year is the smallmouth bass for most anglers. A lot of them like to fish for crappie also.

Both of these fish will feed in the cooler water and will give some good action. Both of these fish follow baitfish schools and feed on them.

Most of the baitfish schools will stay mostly in main lake areas like around points and dropoffs where shallow water runs into deeper water or a bank with a steady drop into deeper water. As the water warms, the baitfish and the crappie and bass will move into more shallow water.

This is a standard feeding pattern this time of year, but the weather will have to warm up quite a bit first. I think everybody is ready to see warmer weather soon.

Lakes like Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee and Kentucky offer the best smallmouth bass action that I have seen this time of year. It will not be long till we can all get back to our sport of fishing.

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