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Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie fishing is getting much better

The time is here for crappie fishing to start improving and to get better and better.

I have gotten all kinds of good crappie fishing reports on several lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee. I have several friends who have had good trips for bass and crappie fishing the past few weeks and it will get better as the early spring season goes on.

As far as water temperatures go, it is still pretty cool on most lakes with a temperature of around 49 in the creeks and around 52 degrees on the main lake areas. This will slowly rise as the spring weather warms. Fish like bass and crappie will move more shallow and follow the moving schools of bait fish.

Look for areas with some type of surface action things like where birds are feeding on the surface, or where bass are working a school of bait fish close to or on the surface. These are areas of active fish like bass and crappie and is where you will want to do your fishing.

As the water warms, these fish will move shallow and to warming water to feed and hold on cover as long as the weather and water temperatures stay steady. A cold front will shut all this down and send fish back deeper and make them inactive.

So look for signs of active fish and try to fish while the weather patterns are steady to have your best bet this early spring.

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