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Gabby’s fishing fever

Things to remember while river fishing

The rivers are starting to look pretty good in our area. We have had quite a bit of rain that has muddied the rivers at times, but they clear back up in a few days.

We are blessed to have some decent river- and stream fishing in our general area. Most of these rivers and streams can be fished by walking the bank, in a small boat, or my favorite, by wade fishing out in the water and working your way along.

There is nothing like wade fishing that will make you feel like you are one on one with nature and all of your surroundings. However you enjoy this type of fishing there is nothing like it. I know the water might be too cold right now to wade fish but soon it will warm up.

River fishing is just like any other type of fishing. By this I mean that if you have a good understanding of the water you will be fishing and what types of fish you can expect to catch, knowing the layout of the river will help you greatly.

Knowing how different fish use different parts of the river will help you also.

Largemouth bass hold in the edge of moving water in some type of cover and will wait for food to come by and run out and ambush it. Smallmouth bass prefer to swim in the moving water and will strike moving baits and hit surface baits. Catfish will use the deeper pools and move back and forth during the day. They will wait for food to come into the deeper areas and use their sense of smell to help find food.

Some rivers have other fish, such as carp, crappie, pan fish, musky, trout and others.

So find a stream you like and give some early spring river fishing a try.

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