Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are now hitting at Carr Creek

I have been getting all kinds of reports on good bass fishing here and in area lakes in Tennessee.

Lakes like Cave Run Lake in Morehead have been doing well on crank baits and small tube baits and jigs. These are typical baits that work well on most lakes this time of year for springtime bass that are on the move looking for food.

When bass are on the move from deeper water to shallow water and following schools of bait fish, a moving bait like a crank bait or a spinner bait is a good choice. But if bass are holding close to or in some type of cover, then use slower baits like tube baits and jigs or worms.

As long as the weather is stable bass will move around, but in a big weather change or in a cold front bass will move to deeper water or hold tight to some form of cover.

I had a report of some real nice bass being caught on Carr Creek Lake recently. This is the time of year for the next few weeks when you always hear of some nice bass being caught.

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