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Bass are now hitting at Carr Creek

Several small baits will catch crappie in the spring, including minnows, small tube baits, curly tail grubs, and flies. They even make small spinners and crank baits for crappie.

All these baits work well at times, but the one thing most of these baits have in common is they are fished on some type of small jig head.

The jig is one of the most used and versatile baits in fishing. And while jig baits work great for crappie, they also will catch any fish swimming in fresh water. They can be used as “big fish” bait too.

As for crappie and jigs, I like to use the small colored tube baits. My favorite color is the green chartreuse body with the black tips. This bait has always worked for me.

Crappie can be very colorpicky during different times of the year. I have been fishing for crappie with one color of bait and doing well. Then the bite will slow and I switch to a different color and it will pick back up. So do not be afraid to change colors several times during a trip.

Also, crappie will change depths several times during a day, mostly by moving up and down cover of some type or a bank. They will do this in mostly a vertical movement.

Water clarity, weather patterns and fishing pressure will make some crappie move to deeper water at times. When they do this, the jig can be a great bait to use. Just fish it slowly and tight to some form of cover. Or you can just fishing it straight down and work it with a slow up and down pumping action for good results.

If you have not fished jig baits for crappie in a while, give them a try soon.

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