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Fishing shallow with crank baits

Bass are now moving shallow to look for spots to nest and lay their eggs for the spawn.

However, as the bass prepare for the spawn they will feed on prey including schools of baitfish and minnows. Crank baits work great for shallow water bass because they look and act just like a real baitfish.

The crank bait comes in three depth-running styles — deep running, medium running, and shallow running. While the bass are shallow the shallow-running one will obviously work best. Most crank baits come in small and large sizes and many colors and color combination patterns.

Crank baits are not hard at all to learn to fish and are very productive baits when the bass are on a baitfish bite. Look for signs of feeding activity or of bass breaking the surface and make your cast into these areas. Most anglers will fish smaller crank baits on light line in the 8- to 12-pound test range.

You will want to use a longer rod with a limber tip and a good backbone for best results. This will allow for longer casts and better pick up of slack line off the water.

If you have never fished the shallow water with crank baits give it a try on your next trip.

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