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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing has plenty of true tales

I think everybody that spends a lot of time outdoors has had some funny of unbelievable thing happen to them. I think that I have had more than my share of big adventures over the past many years.

Some of you might remember when I had my fishing show from 1997 till 1999. We filmed every weekend and sometimes during the week if needed. I had many funny and memorable moments during the filming of my show.

One time me and a very good friend of mine were night fishing for bass on Carr Creek Lake . It was kind of cool that night and we had some warm jackets with us. We fished most of the night and it was very slow so about 3 in the morning I got very sleepy and spread the coats out on the floor of the boat and laid down to take a short nap.

Sometime while I was asleep my buddy was fishing a top water bait with big hooks on it and snagged a big water snake. And he was kind enough to drop it right on top of me where I was sleeping in the bottom of the boat.

If you ever want to see someone come out of a boat and almost walk on the water, throw a 4-foot long snake flopping around on them. Needless to say I about had a heart attack and jumped out of the boat.

I ran around the boat what I could and after I got my heart put back in I found two pair of channel lock pliers and just about beat the bottom out of my boat out beating the snake’s head off.

My buddy said, “I would have helped you but I was crying from laughing so much.”

And one time I had a bass boat that had been covered up all winter and part of the spring and I took it out at Carr Creek Lake to try it out. I was by myself and had to put the boat in the water and park the truck. I got on the boat and fired it up and started to move out to the deeper water. I put on my life jacket and was ready to open the boat up when out from under the dash a ton of mad waspers were boiling everywhere.

I ran to the back to get away from them, but they swarmed right after me. I said to heck with this, you all can have it. I cut the key off and jumped over into the lake.

A man that knew me came by and picked me up and helped me drag me boat in. I let them settle down and sprayed them with wasper spray. I was lucky I did not get a single sting.

Nothing like good times outdoors.

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