Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Get out and get that big bluegill!

In the past few weeks the bluegill fishing has been great.

I have caught some of the biggest bluegill that I have caught in some time, both in the states of Kentucky and Georgia. But there were some things that were the same on several lakes that led to finding and catching some nice size bluegill.

One was to fish shallow early and around some type of cover like wood, rocks or weeds and floating boat docks. The docks provide cover and shade for bluegill. We fished around this type of cover early and done really well.

As the sun got up hot, bluegill moved out to deeper water and to get to cooler water and out of the direct sunlight. You have to move to the deeper water and cover to find the active fish, and it seems that the big nice size bluegill are deeper.

Most all of the deeper water held good size bluegills when you could find some type of cover.

I have always favored fishing deeper water over shallow water. I think the deeper fish are more dependable and not as affected by changes in weather, water temperature change and fishing pressure. The biggest bluegills are deeper and hold on the best spots.

A really big bluegill is a very pretty fish. There are big members of the bluegill family called shell cracker bluegill.

If you have not caught a big bluegill in a while, you do not know what you are missing.

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