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Gabby’s fishing fever

Early fall fishing nearly perfect

Well, it is getting that time of year again that most anglers love — the early fall fishing season. And it is for a good reason that fishermen like crappie anglers look forward to this time of year.

The air and water temperatures have cooled to a comfortable level and the anglers can get out and crappie fish all day. The cooler surface temperatures have moved the feeding crappie to shallower water areas and around more main lake cover and to the creek areas.

Most larger lakes have started dropping the lakes toward winter pool. The crappie will keep moving out of dropping water areas and will reposition on more main lake areas with more stable water levels.

As the water gets colder, the crappie will start to school around deeper areas and hold most of the winter.

During any of these changing fall and early winter patterns, the single biggest thing to do before you start crappie fishing is to try to locate the areas where numbers of active crappie are holding. During the period of a whole day crappie may move or change depth several times a day. And at times crappie can be very color picky so you may have to switch bait colors sometimes.

Most anglers just stick to a good old live minnow and do just fine.

These are just a few tips to use on your next trip.

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