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How to catch bass with ‘lockjaw’

This is the time of year when it can be 80 degrees one day and fall to 50 the next.

When you have this sudden drop in temperatures and fastchanging weather patterns from warm to colder weather, this is a cold front weather condition. And this type of sudden change has a major effect on fish and their feeding and movement patterns.

When the weather is warm and stable the fish will move into early fall patterns by moving more to main lake cover and to the mouth of larger creeks and to the back of some of these creeks and around cliff lines. When the weather changes to a cold front situation, fish such as bass and crappie move to deeper water and will hold tight to and around cover until the weather turns warmer and more stable.

While the bass are in this negative mood they will not feed much at all and cannot easily be enticed to strike bait. This is what some bass anglers refer to as bass having “lockjaw.” When fish are in this situation you have to slow way down and fish much slower and go to smaller baits and lighter line.

Try to fish your baits slow and close to the cover. The strike will be a softer, lighter bite and you need to keep feeling all the time for a light strike.

These are just some tips the next time you find yourself fishing in a cold front situation.

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