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Why crank baits catch bass now

Fall bass fishing is in full swing and some nice bass are being caught. I have had reports of several keepers of largemouth and some smallmouth bass being caught.

During this time of year the schools of baitfish will hold in shallow areas and in and around the creeks. Bass will follow and feed off these baitfish. Bass will always look for minnows that are away from the school and are week or dying. They will take the easiest target first. The one bait that most looks like this is the crank bait.

A crank bait coming through the water looks and acts like an injured baitfish. This will draw what is known as a reaction strike from a feeding bass, as the bait looks like something natural to a bass.

When fishing crank baits, look for areas with a long bank with some type of cover close by. This makes a perfect spot. Try to make your cast parallel to the bank and work it all the way back in. This will keep your bait in the strike zone area much longer. Change your retrieve from time to time to draw strikes also.

Give these tips a try on your next trip.

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