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Spinner baits are productive lures

Spinner baits are one of the most productive lures for bass fishing this time of year, when bass are shallow and chasing minnows and schools of shad.

Of all baits, spinner baits are best at producing an erratic action that appears to be an injured baitfish and the spinning blades look like the silver flash given off by a swimming baitfish. The spinning blades also produce a vibration or thumping sound into the water that the bass can use to locate the bait.

Fishing with spinner baits is not hard at all. Just make your cast to the area where you want to fish and start your retrieve to get the blades spinning. As you make your retrieve, feel for any pulls or tugs on your line and set the hook firmly.

Some strikes will occur as the bait hits the water and others on the retrieve. As you make your retrieve, stop at times and let the bait fall down some — what some anglers call “flutter down” — and then continue your retrieve.

You need to get into some type of retrieve pattern and continue to work the bait in this manner. These means make your retrieve and do a crank, crank, pause, crank, crank, pause type of retrieve. Doing this instead of just a steady retrieve every time will draw more strikes.

When casting your bait, try to cast parallel to the bank or close to some type of cover for best results.

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