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Mostly sunny

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Lakes are undergoing ‘turnover’

If you look at most of the lakes right now you will notice an odd color to them. This is from the lakes “turning over” for the winter season.

This occurs when the warmer surface temperatures go deeper and the colder water comes to the surface. In the spring, when the water warms back up, the lake will turn back over the other way.

During the cold weather, fish such the largemouth bass will move to the deeper warmer water to hold until spring. But many fish like the smallmouth bass and crappie and stripers will feed around the surface most of the winter.

If you are faced with fishing during a lake turnover period, then stay with smaller baits and lighter line. Also, fish much slower and close to some type of cover. During a turnover the fish will become stressed and will not feed as much or be as active.

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