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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing tips for the warmer weather

The calendar says it is almost mid December, but the warm beautiful weather feels like midfall.

This unusually warm weather has kept the largemouth bass fishing going well for several weeks now. Normally by now, bass would be deeper and suspending on main lake cover.

But until it turns cold you can still fish baits like crank baits and spinner baits and plastics like tube baits. These baits look and act like schools of shad and baitfish. Bass will follow schools of baitfish to main lake areas such as the mouths of major feeder creeks and on up into those creeks. Where two creeks or more run together is always a hot spot.

Banks that have a slow stairstep drop off to them are also good areas to fish. Watch open water areas for surface action and fish shallow with shad pattern crank baits.

If, for some reason, you are forced to fish tighter to cover then fish the slower baits like a tube bait or jig. But try the shad-patterned baits first and then try the crawdad patterned baits.

Fish these baits slowly and close to the cover. Most of the time a bass will hit it on the fall. If not, work it slowly back on a snug line and feel for any pull or tug.

Just some tips to use during this nice weather.

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