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Gabby’s fishing fever

Big crappie are now being caught

Even through it is late in the fishing season, crappie are still active. I have had several reports from people who fish lakes in Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky of some real good crappie action with some big crappie being caught.

Crappie are among several fish that stay active in cooler water. As schools of baitfish move in great numbers, crappie will follow and feed off them during the winter months.

With most lakes in the 50-degree range right now, crappie will be holding around some type of cover most of the time — anything from wood to rocks to weeds to even humps or points.

Crappie will also swim along the edge of a creek channel or a drop-off at times. Most anglers use minnows for crappie fishing, but you can also use artificial baits such as small tube baits, crappie jigs and curly tail grubs.

When you make your cast for crappie, slowly work your bait with an up and down slow pumping action, as crappie love this action in a bait.

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