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Gabby’s fishing fever

Smaller tackle can bring results

There are several times during the year you will do better fishing with lighter lures and tackle.

Several things can affect the need to use lighter tackle — major weather changes like cold fronts, fishing pressure, heavy boat traffic on the water, and real clear water. Light penetrating into the water can also make fish skittish and move deeper water.

Many anglers start out fishing small tackle all the time just to check the activity of the fish. If they do well they will work their way up to larger tackle. This is a high percentage way to fish.

Smaller lures work best on light tackle and light action rod and reels. A spinning reel and light action rod combo are best suited to fishing and casting light lures. Smaller baits look very natural under water and the fish like bass will strike these before large baits in most cases. You can buy any bait made in a smaller size in lure and plastics. The next time you go fishing give smaller lures a try.

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