Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Weather plays havoc with fishing

Although it is going to be much warmer as this week grows longer week, the bitter cold has kind of shut the fishing in our area down.

Still, I have had reports of some good catches of crappie on lakes in East Tennessee. Also largemouth bass are being caught in Tennessee and Alabama lakes. I do not think these areas get the bad temperatures like we do.

During a warming trend in winter, some fish in our area will move up some to feed on types of vertical cover like a deep side of a point or along a cliff line or standing cover like flooded trees or bridge pilings. By holding on vertical cover, these fish can easily move up or down as the temperatures warm or get colder.

If you are fishing in colder temperatures, fish slow on deeper cover with live bait or a slow bait such as a jig or tube bait. But just remember, spring fishing is getting closer everyday.

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