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Tips for catching bass in early season

With the weather starting to warm up a little it is time to start getting ready to do some early season bass fishing.

The lakes are slowly being raised toward summer pool and new areas over land and cover are becoming usable by bass. On most area lakes the water temperature is still in the low 50’s and the bass will be sluggish and looking for warmer water.

Water temperatures play a huge roll in where bass will hold in the early season. Only a few degrees’ difference can make all the difference in fish activity. Where one creek with a temp of 51 degrees may not have much action, a creek with a temperature of 55 degrees may have some great bass action going on.

If you find bass in shallow water or feeding along the bank you can try small baits like spinner baits or shad-pattern crank baits. These baits are best fished on light line and longer fishing rods. Try to make your cast along with or parallel to the bank and work it back while slowly working the rod tip to give it some action. By making your cast like this you can keep it in the strike zone area of the bass much longer and greatly increase your odds for success. Also, small plastics like tube baits and curly tail grubs work well.

These are just some tips to get you started this spring.

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