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Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie in the 13 inch-plus size are now being caught at Carr Creek Lake.

Fishing for crappie appears to be best in areas with deeper water and wood cover close by while fishing with minnows on light line in six to eight feet of water.

When water temperatures dropped to the 45 degree range, crappie began holding in deeper winter holes and schooling in groups. As the weather has improved and the water temperatures slowly rise, crappie will start to move to more shallow areas. This does not mean they will be moving into the creeks and backwater areas just yet, only to secondary points and drop-offs.

To find crappie in their current patter, back off the bank in your boat until you find the first significant drop off into deeper water. This will not always be a sudden drop. It may just be a gentle sloping change in depth of a few feet, but this is all it will take in some lakes to make a holding point for crappie waiting to move up after the shallow water warms up.

Taking the time to search and find these areas can be well worth the time it takes. When you do find a drop off area, try to be as quiet as possible and stay right on top of the area. You can’t go wrong by starting with a small crappie minnow fished under a small bobber on light line. The use of small light weight line in the four- to six-pound test range will work best. You should also try using a clear fluorocarbon-style line, which is all but invisible under water.

Most of the bites this time of year will be just a slow pull down of the bobber or a small twitch of your line. If the depth where you are fishing does not produce then change your line depth or move a little deeper or more shallow with your bait. And keep good fresh bait on your line.

Reports of good crappie fishing at Fishtrap Lake is also being reported.

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