Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

It’s time to fish in shallow waters

Carr Creek Lake is nearing summer pool, even though the water level is slowly going up. This makes several new opportunities for anglers to look for feeding fish in shallow areas close to the bank.

As the water comes up and covers new land, the active fish will quickly move into this area looking for bugs and worms to feed on. Anglers that are in these areas can fish small baits like crank baits and spinner baits and also plastics like worms and tube baits.

Work these baits slowly in the newly flooded areas and look for any cover close to the bank. If you are fishing a casting bait like a crank or spinner bait, make your cast is parallel to the bank. Then work it all the back. This will keep the bait in the strike zone area of active feeding fish longer and greatly increase your catch rate.

If you are target-casting to visible cover with baits like worms and jigs and tube baits, then make your cast close to the cover and work it in and around the cover while feeling for a strike.

This is a great time to get out and catch some fish in shallow water.

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