Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Big crappie are awaiting your bait

It is time to start catching some nice size crappie. The weather is warm and the water levels are rising. Crappie are moving shallow and into new areas and the fishing is getting better every day.

Several fishermen have told me or showed me pictures of nice crappie they have caught over the past few weeks. Some real big crappie are being taken.

Most crappie anglers use small minnows as the main bait. This in most cases will do very well, as most crappie cannot resist a live minnow darting around.

For anglers who like to use artificial bait, it is hard to beat a small crappie jig or tube bait. These baits work really well for crappie close to cover or in open-water areas.

You can fish these baits close to cover by fishing straight down off a boat or dock or with a floater to keep the bait off the bottom or to keep it at a certain depth. You can also work these same baits in open water areas and along the bank areas and along cliff and bluff lines. Work these areas by casting and retrieving the bait or by trolling several rods at the same time.

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