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Gabby’s fishing fever

Trophy-size crappie at Carr Creek

I have been fishing for crappie at Carr Creek Lake for as long as it has been around. I have seen some great, good and poor crappie fishing years at Carr Creek, but this year I have seen trophy size crappie come out of this lake.

I remember when my father and I would fish all night for crappie several years ago. We would catch 50-plus fish, but most in the small range from six to 10 inches. I am seeing crappie over 15 inches and much bigger coming from the lake this year already.

Years ago, just about every crappie caught in this lake was a white crappie, but now, with the introduction of black crappie over the past few years, it has opened up a whole new crappie fishing experience for the crappie angler.

White crappie typically grow longer, but the black crappie gets wider and fatter and will weight more at times. This crappie seems to really hit well on small colored jigs and tube baits. Worked at around 6 to 8 foot deep with a slow pumping action, this will draw strikes from nearby feeding crappie.

You really need to get out and get in on this great action soon. I will see you there.

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