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Gabby’s fishing fever

Be sure to return bass for future years

This is the time of year when the water is raising into the shallow backwater areas and the surface temperatures are getting warm enough for big female bass to come in and fix beds in the shallow soft bottom areas. They will lay their eggs and, with the help of male or buck bass, protect the nest and eggs from other fish and other things like birds and snakes.

This time period for bass is called the spawning season. During this time bass will move in and out of an area mostly controlled by the new moon cycle. But just like any other time in the yearlong cycle of bass, they still will feed and strike lures fished correctly and at the right time.

When the weather is stable for several days is the best time to fish. And remember the bass are in shallow water areas and will be very easy to spook so be as quiet as possible.

Use light line and small lures and make small short casts. Lures like jerk baits, tube baits like grubs and small finesse worms and lizards are very good.

When you see bass around the nest, make a cast past the area and work it slowly back around the nest and stop it and work the bait very easily and the bass might strike it or try to move it out of the area. This type of fishing is also called sight fishing.

There are some real big bass caught during this time of year, but be sure to return most of the bass to keep the bass fishing great for the next generation of anglers.

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