Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Region’s lakes now at summer pool

Most of our area lakes are already up to summer pool after all this rain we have been receiving has helped to raise them faster than normal.

Somewhere around Memorial Day is when the lakes normally are at summer pool. As far as fishing goes, this means several things to both the anglers and the fish.

With all the backwater areas covered with water, the largemouth bass will move into shallow areas and begin to spawn. This gives anglers a chance to catch a bass of a lifetime by finding a big female bass on the nest. But it is important to return these bass during the spawning cycle and let them restock the lake for future bass anglers.

Also, crappie will run the banks feeding on shad and minnow schools. Crappie are some of the first fish to come up shallow when the lake starts raising. These fish become very active and will bite most of the time.

Just about all fish will move around and feed in shallow water areas when the lake is at summer pool. Please get out and enjoy our fun lakes!

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