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Gabby’s fishing fever

How you can catch fish this week?

There was some great bass and crappie fishing going on while the weather was stable and warm, but the last week or so has been cold, windy and nasty. This will definitely have a direct effect on the fishing.

The cold front that came through over the past weekend slowed everything way down, plus it changed the feeding and holding habits of the fish in a big way. When the weather is warm and stable in spring, fish move shallow and feed more. They are much more active and will chase after and quickly and explosively strike moving lures such as top waters, crank baits, spinner baits and buzz baits.

The sudden drop in temperatures we had over the weekend change things fast, but do not mean the fishing is dead during this time. You just have to adapt and be willing to make the changes needed to find the fish for which you are fishing.

Most fish will move back to deeper water or to the first major drop off into deeper water like a creek channel or a edge of a flat or the deep side of a point or cliff or bluff line. They will hold on these types of areas. During this period the fish will be less active and will not chase baits very far. They are in more of a negative feeding mood until the weather gets better.

If you are fishing this week, you will want to downsize all your tackle and slow way down and look for these deeper areas and fish with lures like worms, jigs and tube baits, all of which can be fished slow and tight to the cover.

Just work these baits slowly and watch and feel for any movement in the line or rod.

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