Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Water visibility for fish has been poor

With all the rain we have had, most of the lakes are muddy and stained around the banks. This has made the water visibility poor for fish.

Most of the time, bass and other fish will use their sight in clear shallow water to find and attack prey. But in stained muddy water they must use their sense of hearing and their sense of feeling vibrations in the water to locate prey. This is where baits with rattles and blades and spinners come in to use.

There are also many baits that spit or chug water when retrieved. All of these types of baits have their place when fishing in stained off-colored water. But in mildly off-colored water you can use bright colors on your lures to help draw attention to your bait — colors such as chartreuse green, yellow and combinations of these will help fish find your bait more easily.

When fishing in stained water, fish a little slower and make the cast close to cover if you can. All of these things will help you until the water clears back up.

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