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Gabby’s fishing fever

Now’s the time for night fishing

The time is here for night fishing, especially crappie.

At this time of year crappie can be fished for during the day or at night, but there is just something about night fishing that is just a whole different fishing experience.

During the day, crappie move more and use their sense of sight to locate prey in shallow clearer water. As nighttime comes and the visibility goes away, crappie must rely on the sounds and the feel of vibrations given off by prey.

Crappie pick up on and receive the vibration through the lateral line that runs the length of their body. They use this ability to locate prey in the dark and low light and in water that is murky and stained.

Crappie are very color-picky at times, even at night, and you may have to change colors to keep the action at times. Crappie will move around more during the day, and at night they will hold and suspend close to and around some type of cover. Crappie will use many things for cover — wood, rocks, weed beds, willow trees hanging over in the water, and also manmade cover.

When you are night fishing for crappie try to locate a few good spots before dark and work these areas instead of trying to move around a lot.

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