Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Summer is officially here; go fishing!

Summer is officially here, and already it has been a good year for fishing with some nice size bass and crappie being caught.

I have gotten to do a lot of weekend fishing and we have done well and caught some big bluegill. But as the summer heat turns the temperatures up during the day, it forces many anglers to look for milder, cooler times to fish.

One of the best times right now to bass fish is at night. It is much cooler at night and much quieter and the bass will be more active and more aggressive. So this is a win all the way around.

During the day, a bass feeds by sight, looking for prey on the surface or in the water. But after dark bass must rely on other senses like feel and hearing to locate prey, and also on their sense of smell.

Bass have a lateral line that runs the full length of their bodies and is full of nerve sensors that can pick up the smallest vibration from a bait fish or anything on the surface. Baits like top waters and buzz baits work well. Also scented baits like Berkley power baits are a good choice.

Using any type of bait that draws attention to itself will help a lot.

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