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Bass among most enjoyable to catch

Bass are one of the most enjoyable fish to catch. They are not as easy as bluegill or crappie to catch, nor are they as active as these fish most of the time.

But when you do catch bass they are a whole lot of fun for several reasons. They are much bigger fish most of the time and will fight harder. Also bass are for the most part ambush predators and will hold on or close to cover and will run out and strike baits or lures as they come by. This makes bass very exciting to fish for and the style of fishing is trying to figure out where the bass are at and what type of bait will catch them.

Once you figure this out and catch a nice bass doing it, it can be very rewarding. Bass can grow to be large and weigh several pounds in some bodies of water. There are a wide variety of lures to catch bass. Learning the basics of these lures and how each works and the best time to use each one to be most effective will make you a much better bass angler.

Bass can be caught at times in open water chasing shad schools or can be caught close to the bank. But always be sure to fish slowly and carefully around cover and prime structure areas. Doing all these things will make you a better bass angler.

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