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A reminder on using spinner baits

There are many good baits for bass, and one of the best is the spinner bait. One of the biggest things that makes the spinner bait so good is that it is one of the most versatile baits you can fish.

The spinner bait works mainly off two things — flash and vibration. Both of these have a place and time where they work best. At times they work great together.

Spinner baits come in many sizes and colors and blade combinations in three basic styles — Colorado blade, Indiana blade and Willow Leaf blade. The most common used is the Willow Leaf spinner bait. This is a long slender blade that puts off a lot of flash in the water that looks like a baitfish. These slender blades spin fast and can be retrieved fast and work best in shallow water and deeper water in clear water and when parallel casting a bank with a quick cast.

A Colorado blade is a rounder, kind of teardrop shaped blade. This type of blade puts off a lot of vibration or thump in the water. This attracts bass feeding at night or in lowlight conditions and in muddy water. The bass uses its lateral line to sense the vibration and locate the bait.

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