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The louder the buzz bait the better

There are a many bass baits that are exciting to fish and bring heart-stopping strikes from bass. But the buzz bait has to be the absolute best at this.

This bait has caused more near heart attacks for bass anglers than any other top water bait. When a feeding bass follows a buzz bait and hits it on the surface I have seen them knock it completely out of the water. There is just something about buzz baits that drives a bass mad and makes them want to attack and kill it.

A couple of things draw feeding bass to a buzz bait. One is the chopping sound of the bait running through the water on the surface. Also, the quick movement of the bait on the surface resembles a baitfish and draws an impulse strike from a bass.

But the real thing that drives the bass mad is the squeaking of the blade turning on the metal shaft. This is a metal on metal sound. The louder the squeaking of the blade or blades on some baits the better they work.

An old trick to get the blade to sound as loud as you can is to make the blade spin as fast as you can as long as you can. I would do this by holding the bait out the truck window while I was driving to the lake. This made the blade scream like crazy and catch fish like crazy also.

When you fish a buzz bait try to make your cast close to some type of visible cover and work the bait close to and through the cover. If you are fishing along a bank, try to make your cast parallel to the bank. If you are fishing shallow open water, make a series of fan casts all the way around to cover the whole area.

When you get a strike try to wait until you feel the strike to set the hook. If you have not fished using buzz bait in a while you are missing a lot of action.

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