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Don’t overlook docks when fishing

There are many great types of cover for fish and one of the best and most over looked is a floating dock.

Docks can be one of the best places to fish for several reasons. One, they provide shade in shallow water to many fish in the summer. Also, they provide a place for fish to hide and wait for baitfish to come along. And fish such as carp and catfish will hang around areas where fish cleaning stations are located to get free food.

A dock does not have to be big to hold bass and crappie. But the larger docks do have more areas to fish. And a dock has its high percentage spots just like any cover. Areas such corners and where two walk ways meet work well, as does any type of angle in the dock. All of these type areas can hold good size fish.

Most of the time it is the older docks that offer have the best fishing, because discarded items accumulate around and under a dock and fish will use this for cover. And most docks have a lot of man-made cover tied up — such as old Christmas trees — to attract fish to the area.

You can fish most any bait in and around and under a dock. If you are using a cranking-style bait like a spinner, buzz or crank bait, cast to an area and slowly work your bait as close to the dock as you can and try to fish parallel to the dock as long as you can.

Baits such as jigs, worms and tube baits are good to fish deeper cover around the dock. I have fished docks for years and have been rewarded very well with nice fish. I have won fishing tournaments by only fishing docks. So the next time you see a promising looking dock, take the time to fish it. Sometimes it can pay off big.

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