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Fish deep to catch crappie now

During the hot weather of late summer, crappie will move to deeper water at times to find cooler and more oxygenated water to hold and feed in.

All the surface activity that comes with summer also has crappie seeking quieter water in the depths. Crappie really like to hang around vertical-type cover so they can go from deeper to shallow water by simply moving up and down the cover.

This type of cover includes standing flooded timber, whole trees and large limbs in the water. Also one of the best summer places to crappie fish is in deepwater weed beds. Crappie will use these areas as a place to hold and to look for food like minnows, plus it provides a place of safety.

A cliff line of bluff in the water will also hold deep-water crappie, and if they have other cover on them they are even better.

Any type on deeper water brush, weeds, rock piles, or manmade cover will hold crappie at some time during the summer.

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