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Gabby’s fishing fever

Main lake areas offering best fishing

Early fall brings change to area lakes. The calendar may say fall but the hot daytime temperatures say summer.

I have been able to do a lot of fishing on Carr Creek Lake the past few months and have fished the main lake areas and the smaller backwaters. And for right now the best fishing is in the main lake areas.

The fishing in the creeks offers more of a fall pattern when the water temps cool down several degrees. About two weeks ago the water temperature on the boat showed 85 degrees. Last week it was 81 degrees, so it is slowly cooling some. But this is just the kickoff to the great fall fishing every angler looks forward to each fall. But do not get too far ahead of yourself, because it is still a few weeks until a big change begins and the real fall fishing season starts.

So for right now, stick to more main lake areas and look for banks with a lot of visible wood cover and fish in and around it with baits or live bait. We have had some great bluegill trips lately fishing like this from a pontoon boat. If you are fishing now, try the main lake area for the best action.

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