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Gabby’s fishing fever

Don’t forget the spinner baits now

It is the early fall fishing season. You can feel the cool crisp fall air and see the changing colors in the trees. This is the time of year bass start moving toward shallow areas and along the banks of lakes. They will also be following the schools of baitfish to feed on to build up fat to live on during the winter months.

One of the best baits to use that acts like and resembles swimming or injured shad is a spinner bait. The spinner bait is one of the most versatile bass baits you can fish. This bait can be fished shallow or deep, slow or fast, and can be presented several different ways by changing casting and retrieve methods.

By making a long cast with a slower retrieve you can make the bait run deeper and feel for it to bump into any deeper cover. By making a cast and making a faster retrieve you can work the bait closer to the surface where bass will be working shad schools. Or you can change the retrieve speed from slow to fast during the retrieve to trigger a strike from a nearby bass.

This is also a bait you can fish most of the year. If you are fishing off a boat, try to make most of your cast parallel to the bank for the best results.

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