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Gabby’s fishing fever

Big bass waiting for your crank baits

Lakes dropping to winter pool and the water temperatures slowly dropping into the mid 70s means that local anglers have access to the best fishing of the season.

If you’re going fishing, be sure to check first on lake conditions and weather reports on the lake you will be visiting. This will make your trip more fun and productive.

Most lakes have some bass moving up to main lake areas and around banks with some type of cover such as weeds, rocks, and wood. Bass will also hold around the mouths of major feeder creeks and rivers.

All these bass are looking for schools of baitfish. These schools of baitfish will also move in and around these same areas. Feeding bass will follow these schools of and feed up for winter.

For an easy meal, bass will look for sick or dying baitfish. One of the best baits that resemble and acts like this are crank baits. These baits can fill a live well or help you get your limit of bass quickly at the right times. These baits look and act just like injured baitfish.

When fishing with a crank bait, try to make your cast close to the bank and retrieve it parallel to the bank. This will keep the bait in the bass strike zone longer. When you retrieve the bait work it just fast enough to feel the vibration in the rod.

If you have not fished crank baits for fall bass you need to try it soon.

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